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objek wisata cibatu garut

Kampung Sampireun is a popular tourist attraction with beautiful Lake called chime Sampireun village, natural exotic nan. Kampung Sampireun waterfall is located in Kampung Ciparay, village Sukakarya, Garut, West Java-Indonesaia. Kampung Sampireun is famous as a romantic tourist attractions with a rustic natural atmosphere of a quiet village-style simple Pasundan (West Java) is an exotic place to enjoy the beautiful Lake, the crystal clear water as Sampireun location to be enjoyed from the top of the boat (ketingting) combines the natural shades of green as a beautiful view of this place.
Kampung Sampireun charm, Garut West Java will be noticeably nightfall, an atmosphere of quiet natural surroundings with a ghetto-style typical lighting Dim, enjoy the beauty of a well, the sound of the water of a well gemercik Sampireun kerlipan lamplight and above Lake berpadukan with the sound of the natural surroundings provide a romantic atmosphere and exotic.

Telaga (talaga) Sampireun with lush greenery and fenced with its quiet atmosphere, romantic, exotic to enjoy it, especially when the morning arrived early morning sunshine poking among shadowy trees edge of Kampung Sampireun Telaga, Garut West Java.
Kampung Sampireun residence of Cottage lots available around the edge of the Lake, Cottage style Sampireun building of classic and unique, made of bamboo, wood and thatched with night lighting of lamps and torches teplok as other lights.
Kampung Sampireun lodging can be a choice among them, Kampung Sampireun Resort and Spa.
That can be enjoyed at Kampung Sampireun Tours include,
Boating-enjoy the beauty of Lake Kampung Sampireun,
-Fishing in Lake Sampireun,
-Cycling along the streets around Kampung Sampireun,
-Shopping tour in the floating Market (Floating) located above the Lake
Kampung Sampireun.
-Rafting Sport that is located not too far from the pool of Sampireun.
-Cross Country, enjoying natural surroundings with many Sampireun Talaga hills beautiful little not far from Kampung Sampireun.

Culinary pleasures can be enjoyed in Kampung Sampireun's sights. Kampung Sampireun restaurant with a great selection and variety of menus on offer, such as grilled fish and typical cuisine of Sunda is very easy in a message in the restaurants and eating houses around Kampung Sampireun this.
Kampung Sampireun with an easily accessible location just takes about a half hour drive from the city centre of Garut in West Java, will came to Kampung Sampireun this beautiful.
Route to Kampung Sampireun also available public transport, of the city of Garut Terminal (Terminal of Thunder) City Transportation available by taking the direction (heading) Samarang, down at the t-junction Pamulihan continued with Rural Transport direction Sukakarya village will get the gate Gate Kampung Sampireun, if come up with groups of City Transport chartering can from some areas of the city of Garut was ushered straight to the gate in Kampung Sampireun Sukakarya village.

Kampung Sampireun tours, Garut West Java is an exotic tourist location with the romantic village atmosphere is perfect for a getaway that crave peace..

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